2014 League Champions


2014 PCBL A-Division Summer Championship

August 10th @ Cal State Northridge
Outlaws (12-6) -vs- Quakes (16-2)
Game Summary
Quakes - 1st Inning:  Mark Wilkinson leads off with a single. He soon steals 2nd and is then sacrificed over to 3rd. With 1 out, Max Thomas draws a walk and steals 2nd soon after. Luke Laolagi hits a 2-run double to right. Quakes get 2 runs on 2 hits and they leave 1. 2-0 Quakes.  
Quakes - 2nd Inning:  Matt Alvarado draws a 2-out walk; then steals 2nd. Beans Curiel reaches base due to a fielding error; putting 2 on for Gabe Ruiz. He singles to right; scoring Alvarado. Quakes get 1 run on 1 hit; with 1 Outlaw error and they left 2 men on base. 3-0 Quakes.
Quakes - 4th Inning:  Dirk Detrou singles to left. Shoki Hioki reaches base on a fielder's choice; as Detrou is forced at 2nd. Hioki steals 2nd; advances to 3rd on a wild pitch, then scores on a pass ball. DJ Cook draws a 2-out walk. Matt Alvarado hits an RBI single to center. Quakes get 2 runs on 2 hits; with no errors and a man left. 5-0 Quakes.  
Outlaws - 5th Inning:  Matt Mason hits a 2-out single to right. Mark Colgin singles to center. Josh Nadler reaches base due to a fielding error. Justin Jamroz hits a 3-run double to right. Outlaws get 3 runs on 3 hits; with 1 Quake error and nobody left on. 5-3 Quakes.
Quakes - 5th Inning:  Mike Cioffi reaches base on a fielding error. Mark Wilkinson singles to left. Collin Ozar singles to center. Mike Cioffi scores from 3rd on a pass ball. Max Thomas walks. Luke Laolagi hits a sac fly to left; scoring a run. Dirk Detrou hits an RBI single to left. Shoki Hioki hits an RBI single. Ryan Alvarado draws a walk. DJ Cook hits a 3-run triple to center. Matt Alvarado draws a walk. Beans Curiel hits a 2-run single to left. With 2 out; Mark Wilkinson singles to right. Collin Ozar hits an RBI single. Quakes get 10 runs on 8 hits; with no errors and 2 men left on base. 15-3 Quakes. 
Outlaws - 6th Inning:  Craig Tolan is hit by a pitch. Manager Chris Bentz singles to left. Jared Edrosolan reaches base due to a throwing error by the pitcher; with 2 runs scoring on the play. Outlaws get 2 runs on 1 hit; with 1 Quake error and 1 man left on base. 15-5 Quakes FINAL. 
Congratulations to the 2014 A-Division Champion QUAKES!
          Outlaws    0   0   0   0   3   2   0   0   0      5     6     2   
          Quakes    2   1   0   2  10  0   0   0   -     15   13    6    
Quakes Offensive Stars:
Luke Laolagi 2 for 4;   double, SAC, 3 RBI's 
Mark Wilkinson 3 for 5;  3 singles, stolen base, 2 runs
Collin Ozar 2 for 4;   2 singles, 1 RBI, 1 run
Dirk Detrou 2 for 4;   2 singles, 1 RBI, stolen base
DJ Cook 1 for 3;   3-run triple, walk, 3 RBI's, 2 runs
Game Time:  11:10am - 1:52pm  (2 hrs 42 mins)