2013 PCBL AAA-Division Championship

November 17th @ Moorpark College
Platoon (6-4) -vs- Red Birds (10-0)

This was set to be a AAA Division battle between two very tough ballclubs. Platoon beat the defending Fall Champion Legends by a score of 10-8 to advance to this year's final. They were to face the undefeated Red Birds, who crushed the Wolves 12-4 to carry their unbeaten streak into the title match. Could this tough Platoon squad play the spoilers by handing the Red Birds their 1st defeat on PCBL's biggest stage? Let's find out ...

Game Summary
Platoon - 4th Inning: Steve McGrath singles. Richard Lizzaraga hits an RBI double. Platoon get a run on 2 hits; with no errors and 1 man left on base. 1-0 Platoon.
Red Birds - 4th Inning: Stewart Rodgers doubles. Aaron Miller hits an RBI double. Red Birds get a run on 2 hits; with no errors and 1 man left on base. Game tied at 1 apiece.
Platoon - 8th Inning: Anthony Gallo singles. Two batters later, he scores on a fielders choice. Platoon gets a run on a hit; with no errors and no one left on base. 2-1 Platoon.
Red Birds - 8th Inning: Leo Dottavio hits a leadoff single. Phil Rowland draws a walk. Stewart Rodgers hits his 2nd double of the game; scoring Dottavio. Aaron Miller grounds out; but gets the RBI as a run scores on the play. Red Birds get 2 runs on 2 hits; with an error and a man left on base. Championship Final: Redbirds - 3 Platoon - 2


Congratulations to the 2013 AAA-Division Champion Red Birds!

   Platoon   0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0   2 7 0
Red Birds   0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 -   3 7 0
Pitching Stats:
Shan Tracey (Red Birds) 9 IP (CG); Allowed 2 runs on 7 hits, with 2 walks & 7 K's (WP) (MVP)
Kyle Raskin (Platoon) 7 IP; Allowed 3 runs on 7 hits; with 3 walks & 4 K's (LP)
Chase Nunoz (Platoon) 1 IP; Allowed 0 runs on 0 hits; with 0 walks & 0 K's
Game MVP: Shan Tracey - Red Birds' Starting Pitcher
Game Time: 10:24am - 12:54pm (2 hrs 30 mins)
Umpires: Carlos Trujillo, Justin Amit & Ralph Peck