Oxnard Legends


2012 PCBL Summer Majors Division Championship

Sat. 8/18 @ 7pm  /  Jethawk Stadium

Legends (14-6)  -vs-  Barracudas (15-4-1)

2012 League Champs


Legends Dethrone Barracudas’ to Claim Summer Title

By Scot Sweet / PCBL Staff Writer

We returned to beautiful Jethawk Stadium in Lancaster for this years’ Summer Majors Division Championship between the #3-seeded Legends and the top-seeded defending champs; the Barracudas. The ‘Cudas come into this championship looking for their league record 7th title. But the Legends are an up and coming team who have made their mark in the Majors Division. It was sure to be a championship game to remember; so with that being said, let’s get right to it!

The Legends strike first in the top of the 1st inning. Leadoff hitter singles to left to start things off. Two batters later, Noah Rodriguez singles to right; putting 2 on for Jamie Martinez. He grounds out to 2nd base with a run scoring on the play. The Legends settle for the lone run in the inning to take the early 1-0 lead.

The ‘Cudas fail to score in the bottom half of the 1st inning; sending the Legends up to bat in the top of the 2nd inning to try and add to their 1-run lead. With 1 out, Sabino Pitones singles to right. Danny Chapparro follows with a walk. Two batters later, Abe Esqueda reaches due to a fielding error, with 2 runs scoring on the play. Jerry Madueno singles in another run. The Legends end up with 3 runs in the inning to take a 4-0 lead through an inning and a half of play.

The Legends come up in the top of the 3rd inning; still leading 4-0. Jaime Martinez led things off with a single to center. Two batters later, Jess Martinez hits a sac fly to right. The Legends add a run to their lead; now up 5-0 through 2 ½ innings of play.

The defending champion ‘Cudas finally get on the board in the bottom of the 3rd. With 2 out in the inning, Justin Collins drives one deep to right center for a solo homer. The ‘Cudas settle for one run in the inning; now trailing the Legends by a score of 5-1 through 3 complete innings.

The ‘Cudas came up in the bottom of the 5th inning; still trailing 5-1. Norman Mayes singles to start the “Cuda offense. He’s followed by Jacob Risinger who also singles. Two batters later, Justin Collins slaps an RBI single to left; giving him a single, a double, a solo homer and 2 RBI’s in his first 3 at bats. The ‘Cudas get 1 run in the inning and now trail the Legends by a score of 5-2 through 5 complete innings of play.

The Legends fail to score in the top half of the 6th inning; putting the ‘Cudas in the position to close the gap and perhaps take the lead in this contest. Kjavik Mahone leads off with a base on balls. The next two batters go down swinging; sending up Landon Bress who singles. Norman Mayes follows with a walk; with a run scoring on a wild pitch. The Barracudas get 1 unearned run in the inning; now trailing by a score of 5-3 through 6 complete innings of play. 

But the Legends get busy in the top of the 7th. Michael Arroyo leads off with a single to left. The next two batters reach base by way of an error and a walk. With two on, Noah Rodriguez gets an RBI single. Jaime Martinez follows with an RBI single of his own. Not to be outdone; Juan Reveles hits an RBI single to left. The Legends end up with 3 runs in the inning; now leading by a score of 8-3 as we’ve completed 6 ½ innings of this championship.

The ‘Cudas would go down in order in the bottom of the 7th inning, The Legends would add a pair of runs in the top of the 8th inning to take a 10-3 lead late in this contest. This would prove to be the final score in this championship; as the defending champs could find nothing more on offense, They surrender their title to a very worthy and deserving Legends squad who came to play. Congratulations to the 2012 Summer Majors Division Champion Legends!

Box Scores:
                                                                                              R       H      E
Legends    1      3      1      0      0      0      3      2      0        10      14      2        
   ‘Cudas    0      0      1      0      1      1      0      0      0          3      10      5

(WP) Scott Holder (Legends) (Game MVP)     
7IP; Allowed 3 runs on 7 hits, with 4 walks & 5 K’s

(LP) Larry Kowalski (‘Cudas)
6 ⅓ IP; Allowed 8 runs on 11 hits, with 0 walks & 1 K

Legends’ Offensive Stars:
Abe Equeda            2 for 4; 2 singles, 4 runs
Jerry Madueno        2 for 4; 2 singles, 1 run
Noah Rodriguez     3 for 5; 3 singles, 1 RBI, 1 run
Jaime Martinez       2 for 5; 2 singles, 2 RBI’s, 1 run

Game time:  7:10pm - 9:55pm  (2 hrs, 45 min)

Dax Villalta (plate)
Allen Alvarez (1st base)
Joe Galiano (2nd base)
Jay Allen (3rd base)