2002 Fall Season
Federal Division Champions

Game Summary

The Valley Dodgers came into the final game of the season, the Championship game with only one goal: to go undefeated and become the Fall 2002 Champions.

Unfortunately the Dodgers were cheated out of a few games this season with the forfeiting Giants (twice) and an undeserved disqualification from a disgruntled umpire.

The Dodgers pride was on the line. After a battle early on in the season with a tight first game of a double header to follow with a mercy rule 16-4 win over the Phillies, the Dodgers knew they had a challenge ahead of them.

Abe Ortiz knew what had to be done, thus sitting down the first 3 batters.

Then came the Dodgers� clutch lead off batter, Roger Hanson to get the job done with his usual lead off single only to be brought in 2 batters later by Hector Menchaca.

The second inning was no easier for the Phillies while the Dodgers recorded another 6 runs to bring the score to a comfortable 7-1 score to end the inning.

By the 5th inning the score was 8-5 with the Phillies showing some contention.

After an awesome job by Abe Ortiz, the Dodgers were ready for the relief efforts of Doug Latta, who had already recorded a hit for himself in the 1st and scored off Victor Palomares� Laser single late in the 2nd.

With 5 people (Roger Hanson, Hector Menchaca, Mike Wilson, Javier. Sanchez and the Chad Nickerson) combining for 10 hits and team effort of 15 total hits the Dodgers were sure to win.

Finally, after a clutch single by Mr. Dependable, Jose Ortez and a gut check double by Javier Sanchez to bring in Ortez, the Dodgers were up 12-10.

With the season on the line and a man threatening to score, Doug Latta comes up with a clutch 'K' to retire the first out.

Then Phillies threaten with back-to-back singles to load the bases and possibly force the bottom of the 9th for the Dodgers.

Realizing the situation, the Dodgers, with their wingman Latta faced the true gut check. Can they beat the Phillies and become the Fall 2002 Champions? By all means, say�s the Dodgers. Latta then struck out the following 2 batters to close the book on the Phillies and proceed to their Champaign gala and claim what had been their goal all along: to be the Fall 2002 Champions.

Side notes to an almost flawless season. Cesar Sanchez had a team leading 20 hits for the Dodgers. While Co-Manger Craig White had a 9 game hitting streak only to be upped by Mike Wilson�s remarkable 11 game streak and Lou Marioni�s commanding .523 batting average.

Eric Lorenzana played a vital role as the #1 catcher when he was not serving his country as our token Marine. Finally, Nick Carrano. had a devilish OBP of .666.

With a team combined batting average .400 and an awesome overall season, we conclude this chapter of the 2002 Valley Dodgers.