1999 Fall Season
Federal Division Champions!

As expected, the two teams favored in the playoffs met in the Federal Division championship game. New comers to the league, the Sylmar Dodgers, with an impressive 8-1-1 record played host to the visiting Red Sox. The Red Sox, who just finished with a perfect record in the Spring/Summer season, seemed likely the favored team. But the Dodgers decided early that it was to be their day. Scoring seven runs in the first inning knocking out Red Sox starter Jeff Remmert before three outs were recorded. By the time an hour had passed in the game, the Dodgers were up by the score of 10 to 1 and starting pitcher Merril Dunn was cruising to another win. The Dodgers put on a hitting clinic by collecting 22 hits. There were HRs by Josh Miranda, Albert Palma, Ceasar Soto, as well as doubles by Mike Cervantes, Josh Meranda, and Hiram Damjijic and a triple to Lalo Alonzo. The Red Sox had a couple of big hits with HR’s from Rick Garcia and Karl Makkinen and a double from Tony Grande. Both teams plan to move up next year and play in the American Division.

Federal Division Fall Season Champions
Sylmar Dodgers defeated the Red Sox (13-3)