1999 Federal League Champions!

For the 1st time in league history, P.C.B.L. has an undefeated champion. The Red Sox, with a near perfect record 18-0-2, demonstrated why they were able to stay on top all year. The Sox scored nine of their fourteen runs in the second inning. Great pitching by left handed starter, Jeff Remmert, held off any effort by the Santa Clarita Orioles. Players on both teams had a great game at the plate. Derek Sweet, Matt Rutter, Don Moore and Mike Pindski each had two hits for the visiting O’s. As for the Red Sox, Tony Olivas, Augie Alonso, and Manager, Randy Landis had two hits each, while Lindsy Parker and Tony Rodriguez each had three hits. The Sox are planning to continue their winning ways by moving up to the American Division next year.

Red Sox Photo
1999 Federal Division League Champions
Red Sox defeated the Santa Clarita Orioles (14-8)

Red Sox pitcher, Jeff Remmert pitched the complete game

Tony Rodriguez went 3 for 4, 1 double and 3RBI's

Tony Olivas singled in the second inning driving in 2 runs

Tony Rodriguez making the tag on a 8 to 6 to 2 relay

Danny Garcia drinks champagne from the team trophy

Championship Game
Red Sox 14 Orioles (SCV) 8
Red Sox.........090 001 31x 14 12 4
Orioles...........202 002 002 8 16 4
WP J. Remmert
LP J. Bryant
2B Red Sox: L. Parker, D. Garcia, T. Rodriquez

How The Runs Scored
Orioles First: Nisenson hit by pitch, Sweet struck out, M. Rutter tripled and Nisenson scored. Moore sac flied to center M. rutter scored, Murphy struck out. Orioles 2 Red Sox 0
Red Sox Second: T. Olivas walked Alonso reached on error by third baseman, Remmert reached on error by third baseman, T. Olivas scored. D. Garcia singled, Alonso scored from second, Landis singled to load the bases, and Winters popped up to the shortstop, Rodriguez singled, R. Garcia and Remmert scored. Parker double to left center, and Landis scored. Rodriguez advanced to third, Campbell struck out, D. Garcia walked, T. Olivas singled, and Parker and Rodriguez scored. Alonso tripled, D. Garcia and T. Olivas both score. Remmet flied out to right field. Red Sox 9 Orioles 2
Orioles Third: Hutting singled, T. Rutter reached on error by shortstop, and Hutting advanced to third. T. Rutter steals second, Dossen singles up the middle, and Hutting is thrown out at the plate. T. Rutter advanced to third and scores on a pass ball, Dossen advances to second, Nisenson strikes out, Sweet singles and Dossen scores. M. Rutter grounds out to second. Red Sox 9 Orioles 4
Orioles Sixth: Dossen struck out, Nisenson singles, Sweet singles and M. Rutter singles, Nisenson scores. Moore grounds into fielder’s choice, Rutter is out at second base, Sweet advances to third. Murphy singles and Sweet scores, Leivo flies out to right field. Red Sox 9 Orioles 6
Red Sox Sixth: Landis struck out, Winters lined to third, Rodriguez doubled to left center and Singer walked. Parker singled, Rodriguez scored, Singer is thrown out attempting to advance to third. Red Sox 10 Orioles 6
Red Sox Seventh: Campbell strikes out and Garcia strikes out. T. Olivas singles, Alonso triples, T. Olivas scores. Remmert singles and Alonso scores, Remmert advances to third on error by catcher, then scores on balk by pitcher. Garcia strikes out. Red Sox 13 Orioles 6
Red Sox Eighth: Landis singles and advances to second on wild pitch. Winters singles, Landis scores. Rodriguez grounds out to third base, Singer strikes out M. Olivas grounds out to third base.
Red Sox 14 Orioles 6
Orioles Ninth: Moore double, Murphy grounds out to shortstop. Leivo singles, Moore scores, Wilson reached base on error by shortstop, Pindski double, Leivo scores Wilson advances to third. Hutting popps up to firs base and T. Rutter grounds out to third. Red Sox 14 Orioles 8