2007 Summer Season
National Division Champions

2007 PCBL Triple A Division Back-to-Back Champions

Barracudas (2) (16-4) -vs- Glendale Coyotes (1) (16-4)
August 26, 2007 @ Epicenter Stadium, Rancho Cucamonga

Barracudas Swarm Coyotes and Claim Title
By Scot Sweet / PCBL Staff Writer

The nightcap of our Championship triple-header brings with it a great deal of history. Two teams who know each other only too well, which is why they make up the best rivalry in the AAA Division. The Coyotes lead the all-time series, 5-3. The Barracudas are the defending AAA League Champs, defeating the Tigers in 2006 at Jethawk Stadium.

Both teams ended the regular season this year with identical 16-4 records and this is the only game of the day where the top two seeds are to face each other in the championship, Coyotes with the #1 seed and the ‘Cudas, #2. Enough with the build-up …. Let’s PLAY BALL!

The ‘Cudas start things of in this contest with their leadoff hitter, Wes Bolton, who promptly bangs a missle off the center field wall for a stand-up double. Jarrod Schwartz follows with a single to right-center field, scoring Bolton. Schwartz steals second shortly thereafter; and then scores on an Adam Geery single. The ‘Cudas get a pair of runs on three hits and take the early 2-0 lead.

The ‘Cudas come up in the top of the 3rd inning still holding the 2-0 lead. They lead off with Jarod Schwartz who hit the RBI single in his first at bat. He responds with another single to start the inning. The next batter would pop out, bringing up Adam Geery who would reach base safely by way of a fielding error by the Coyote 3rd baseman. First baseman Ryan Andrews follows with a single to load the bases for Kjavik Mahon, who grounds out to short with a run scoring. Next up is Adam Smith who doubles home two. The ‘Cudas add three more runs in the inning and now lead 5-0 through 2 1⁄2 innings of play.

The Coyotes fail to score in the bottom of the 3rd inning, sending the ‘Cudas back on offense to add to their early 5-0 lead. They start the top of the 4th inning with right fielder Devin Ellis who doubles to begin the ‘Cuda assault. The next batter would ground out, sending up Jarod Schwartz who reaches safely due to a fielder’s choice. The next batter strikes out, bringing up Adam Geery who scored the RBI single in the 1st inning and got on by way of error in the 3rd. He clears the bases with a 2-run triple against the wall in dead center field. The ‘Cudas settle for two runs in thew 4th inning and now lead the Coyotes by a 7-0 margin through 3 1⁄2 innings.

But the ‘Yotes weren’t ready to lay down just yet. They lead off the bottom of the 4th inning with center fielder Scott Weber, who tripled down the right field line and into the corner. Chad Redfern followed with a groundout to second which scored Weber, putting the Coyotes on the board. Steve Kracow would follow with a single for his first hit of the game. The next batter would strike out, bringing up right fielder Keith Bowman who cranks a 2-run romer to right center field. The ‘Yotes end up with three runs in the inning and now trail the Barracudas by a score of 7-3 through four complete innings of play.

The ‘Cudas start off the top of the 5th inning with Kjavik Mahon, who singles for his first hit of the game. Adam Smith follows with a base on balls, putting two on for Ron Mendez who grounds out. Devin Ellis follows with a fly to deep right field which is caught for the out, scoring Mahon. They settle for one run and extend their lead to 8-3.

The ‘Cudas come up in the top of the 6th inning, maintaining their 8-3 lead. The first batter grounds out, followed by Justin Collins who walks. The next batter would fly out, bringing up Ryan Andrews with one on and two out. He doubles to score Justin Collins and later steals third. Kjavik Mahon is the next batter and he doubles home Andrews. The ‘Cudas get two more runs on two hits and take a commanding 10-3 lead through 5 1⁄2.

But the Coyotes find some fight left in the bottom of the 6th inning. They lead off with Scott
Weber who tripled in his last at bat, He singles to start the ‘Yote rally. He is followed by Chad redfern who also singles, making way for Steve Kracow who singled in his last at bat. Kracow singles to score a run. The next batter is Roy Spaulding who hits an RBI single of his own. Keith Bowman was next and he followed his 4th inning homer with a single for his second hit of the game. The Coyotes get three runs on five consecutive singles and send a message that they are not going away so easily; now trailing by four, down 10-6 through six complete innings of play.

But this is when the Barracudas really got busy with the bats again. They begin the top of the 7th inning with Ron Mendez who singles and steals second. Devin Ellis walks, Wes Bolton reaches by way of a fielder’s choice, Jarod Schwartz follows with a single, Adam Geery gets on by way of a fielding error, Ryan Andrews comes up with a 2-run double, Kjavik Mahon hits an RBI single, Adam Smith singles to score another. When all was said and done, six more runs crossed the plate on five hits and an error as the Barracudas take a 16-6 lead.

The ‘Cudas would add three more in the 8th inning to extend their lead to an astounding 19-6 and an impressive victory over the top-seeded ‘Yotes to claim the PCBL Summer Season Championship! Congratulations to the ‘Cudas for such an overwhelming and decisive victory!

Given that MVP honors were not officially designated, I am going to give the MVP mention to Ryan Andrews who put up the big numbers on the evening. Defensively, credit needs to go to starting pitcher Seth Schornick who kept the powerful Yote offense to a minimum, registering 10 strikeouts in 7 innings of work.

Credit as a whole would have to go to the entire ‘Cuda offense; most notably:

Ryan Andrews 2 sgls, 2 dbls, 1 walk, 5 RBI’s
Adam Geery 1 sgl, 1 trpl, 1 walk, 3 RBI’s
Jarod Schwartz 3 sgls, 1 walk, 1 RBI
Kjavik Mahon 2 sgls, 1 dbl, 2 RBI’s
Adam Smith 1 sgl, 1 dbl, 1 walk, 2 RBI’s
Ron Mendez 3 sgls, 1 RBI

Pitching Stats
BarraCudas: Seth Schornick (7 inn, 6 runs, 10 hits, 10 K’s, 0 walks)
Austin Bryant (1 inn, 0 runs, 1 hits, 0 K’s, 0 walks)
Matt Stone (1 inn, 0 runs, 0 hits, 2 K’s, 0 walks)

Coyotes: Chad Redfern (6 inn, 10 runs, 12 hits, 3 K’s, 3 walks)
Jesse Hirdler (1 inn, 6 runs, 6 hits, 0 K’s, 1 walk)
Pat Kahn (2 inn, 3 runs, 4 hits, 1 K, 2 walks)

Game Time: 7:05pm - 10:05pm ( 3 hours, 00 minutes)

(Home) Jeff Sill
(1st Base) Ralph Peck
(2nd Base) Chris Chegwin
(3rd Base) Carlos Trujillo

PA Announcer: Mike Gulatto

National Anthem performed by American Idol contestant Sherman Pore